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At last! There is now a much smoother and faster way to create setup files for easy installation of applications. As a developer, you will no longer be bog learning complex installation programs or yet another awkward scripting language. This guarantees hassle-free programming, quicker market delivery and ultimately a faster turnaround with more satisfied users. Smart Install Maker enables the creation of a professional-looking, custom-made setup file in just a few mouse clicks. The simplicity of Smart Install Maker means:
  • No Scripts
  • No brain twisters
  • No unreasonable charges

Download the FREE trial version (1.42 Mb)

Scripting for GUI now takes minutes Á™∂? not weeks!

Creating professional setup files used to require script-powered installers, which meant learning new scripting languages and mastering complex installer maker solutions. Now there is an easier way to create great setup files.

It used to take weeks learning extremely difficult scripting language or mastering a complex setup builder, which on top of everything else was very expensive. Now it is possible to take advantage of the wizard-driven Smart Install Maker, which takes just a few minutes and a few mouse clicks to create a professional installation package. These packages are perfect for distributing over the internet, via disc or other media.

What Customers Say?

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    I've just bought your installation software today and think it's amazing. I figured out how to use most of the features within the space of about an hour as the interface is so well constructed and intuitive. Congratulations on developing a fantastic product.

    Gary Tamblyn (3dtp Ltd.)

    Smart Install Maker really impressed me, with all its rich features and simplicity. After I tried it, I understood that the creation of a professional looking installation package was a matter of a few minutes. It's the best installation packaging software ever!

    Homer Ramby

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    I am trialing the current version of Smart Install Maker. I like its simple intuitive interface. It works very well in all areas.

    Marc Crames

    Your program is great! I've tried it and love it! It works very well! I am able to personalize all messages, languages, icons, and all bmp. I can add all my credits or credits for customers. It is very good for a small company because I can charge more for my product. Other products from companies like InstallShield are also good but your software is simply the best!

    Nilson Aguiar

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